Mr. SREEKANTH K V ( NCMP, NCFM-TA ) is an Experienced Trader in all Segments with dedicated mind and extra energized way of Presenting things in Market. With a view to provide service to layman in the ground of Stock Market He designed out the products called PUNTO, RALLY PRO & W3 PATTERNS. He is Key Core Technical Analyst & a Trader too He managed to bring a value based output in the view of Technical Analysis ,And our team managed to release the Worlds best Auto Signalling Software , which can predict profit/Loss even before we trade .Now the Entire Team is looking forward to bring a super Charting tool which Not yet Live in the entire world. He published a Video Tutorial CD for the first time in Kerala regarding Technical Analysis

Stock Market is the place where 95% of people are losing money in investment level. His training ,support encompassing market Analysis Integration to a different level, He started His carrier In the world Of Stock Market in 2005 !!!!

He Started This Academy : RICHESSE ACADEMY ON 2007.